The Department of Graphic Technologies of the ITMO University exists since the moment of the formation of the Leningrad Institute of Precise Mechanics and Optics (LITMO). Since 1930, the department has undergone a number of qualitative evolutionary changes and improvements, having built a clear vector of current and further development, oriented, first of all, to the needs of the labor market in the aspect of computer graphics, information and communication technologies.The relevance and dynamics of the development of the department are ensured by the following factors:

Monitoring the dynamics and trends of market demand for certain knowledge, skills and competencies of graduates;

The correction of the curriculum with disciplines that provide training for students as broad specialists;

Students study and master the basic conceptual approaches to solving a wide range of applied, creative and scientific tasks.

Our students receive specialized communication skills that enable them to socially assert themselves, develop competencies to mentally orient themselves in the team environment and communicate with customers and subordinates, and conduct organizational and pedagogical activities (specialized training).

More than eighty different specialized disciplines  are read at the department. Teaching staff of the department consists of more than twenty qualified specialists in the fields of programming, design, engineering graphics, 3D modeling, virtual reality, cognitive psychology, etc. The department has a developed material and technical base,  the computer-creative cluster of the department includes ISO, Studio, a laboratory of professional training, six complete computer classes equipped with an internal local network, and so on.

The main strategy of the Department of Graphic Technologies is to focus on the application of advanced information and communication technologies, in order to implement professional educational and research activities.

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