Multimedia technologies in culture and art

Multimedia technologies in culture and art

Digital Heritage
Virtual reconstructions

Digital Heritage Virtual reconstructions

    Research Areas Areas

    Usability, human-computer interaction. Development of scientific bases of creation of computer graphics, methods of geometric modeling of designed objects and synthesis of virtual reality

    Usability is an interdisciplinary direction, in the focus of which is a person and his interaction with the digital environment

    Instructional Design

    Instructional Design is a scientific discipline engaged in research aimed at designing and developing effective teaching methods and tools, teaching technologies and systems, usually realized with the help of modern computer and information technologies

    Information and multimedia technologies in culture and art. The problems of digitization of cultural heritage, virtual reconstructions.

    Information, communication and multimedia technologies are actively used in all spheres of arts and culture (theatres, museums, cinema, television, libraries, etc

    Last publications Publications

    2018 year
    • Сизиков В.С., Лавров А.В.

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    • Cherneva V., Mahlay D.O., Korpan L., Klimov I., Spiridonova A.

      APPLICATION OF VECTOR RESTORATION OF TEXTURES FOR VIRTUAL THREE-DIMENSIONAL RECONSTRACTION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE OBJECTS // 4th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences and Arts, SGEM 2018 - 2018, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 29-36

    • Sizikov V.S., Stepanov A.V., Mezhenin A.V., Burlov D.I., Eksemplyarov R.A.

      Determining image-distortion parameters by spectral means when processing pictures of the earth’s surface obtained from satellites and aircraft // Journal of Optical Technology - 2018, Vol. 85, No. 4, pp. 203-210

    • Соловьева А.А.

      Сравнение систем автоматизированного проектирования «компас-3d» и «solidworks» // Journal of Advanced Research in Technical Science - 2018. - № 9-2. - С. 23-29

    • Меженин А.В.

      Технологии разработки 3D-моделей - 2018

    • Смолин А.А., Жданов Д.Д., Потемин И.С., Меженин А.В., Богатырев В.А.

      Системы виртуальной, дополненной и смешанной реальности - 2018


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